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How to be profitable in sports betting?

Many doubt that sports betting can be a stable income for players. We will prove that it is real.

Big winnings for African players in 2023 on the example of 1xBet

  • A player from Nigeria bet $4,372.02 on a 6-event accumulator and won $113,374.45.
  • A player from Senegal bet $84.03 on an accumulator with odds of 4794.428 and won an incredible $402,896.43.
  • A player from Guinea bet $1.16 on a 22-event accumulator and won a whopping $551,969.90.

These are examples of the biggest winnings on the 1xBet platform from Africa in 2023. Players who supported their own intuition with useful statistics and believed in their luck became so rich that they could even provide for their descendants!

You might say that such examples are the exception rather than the rule. After all, an accumulator bet is a priori the most dangerous, as it eliminates the right to make a mistake. And odds of 500,000 can play only once in a lifetime.

It's all true. But first, three examples of super wins from African players prove that miracles happen every day. Second, you can win half a million dollars not thanks to one bet but by accumulating winnings gradually.

What is the best strategy for sports betting?

This question is most often asked by beginners who see in themselves the potential of a successful player but are also captive to certain stereotypes.

On the Internet, you can find dozens of mathematically constructed betting strategies. And this means that there is no single correct strategy. You can't take a magic pill and win a million the next day.

Athletes become winners with different playing styles. In betting, the situation is the same: you can succeed using Martingale, Belanger, or “ladder” strategies or come up with your own.

The Martingale strategy involves doubling the bet amount with each loss to gain profit and eventually return to the original bet size. In this case, it is advisable to bet on odds of 2.0 and higher.

Frank Belanger's strategy is that after several failed bets, the player can win back two previous losses.

Ladder is a gaming strategy in which the bettor makes a series of all-in bets until the pot size reaches the desired amount.

How do you read betting information?

Understanding bookmaker odds is the foundation for a luxurious building of your victories. Odds estimate the probability of a particular outcome and also determine the amount of your winnings.

They also have a non-obvious hint function for players - the lower the odds, the higher the likelihood of a successful bet. For example, the bookmaker company 1xBet guarantees odds with the smallest margin for its clients because their quotes are set by a professional team of analysts.

Could they be wrong? Yes, after all, only those who do nothing make no mistakes. Players can bet not only on favorites, but also on underdogs. In the second case, our clients have a chance to beat professional analysts and significantly increase their bets.

How to be a more profitable sports bettor?

For some players, betting on sports is entertainment and the same budget item as buying things or groceries. But now we are talking about those who intend to make stable money from betting. Such players must understand that a responsible approach to the game is a prerequisite for successful bets, and unjustified risk can lead to dire consequences.

For beginners, there is a great temptation to bet a large amount of money on low odds - everything looks as if winning is guaranteed, and easy money is about to end up in your pocket. However, history knows examples of big money lost when betting at odds of 1.1 or lower. You can avoid this mistake by properly allocating your funds for the game. You need to decide on the size of your own bank and the maximum amount that can be assigned for one bet. This approach leaves a chance to be in the black even if there are inaccurate predictions because you will have the opportunity to correct the mistake.

Three golden rules for a successful bet

Do you still think that it is impossible to beat the bookmaker? Let's repeat why this is real.

  • There are examples of players who won hundreds of thousands of dollars and became rich instantly
  • Responsible gambling will help you avoid unnecessary risks and correctly allocate your funds for bets
  • Choosing the right bookmaker will ensure winnings with the best odds and no problems withdrawing money.

The science of betting is not the simplest. Sometimes, it is difficult for a beginner to navigate the bookmaker’s platform. Still, those players who are not afraid of new knowledge and take advantage of numerous promo offers can significantly increase their chances of success. Therefore, we will give simple advice - choose one reliable bookmaker and carefully study their product through trial and error.


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