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Top 10 Richest Gamblers in the World - Insight Analysis

Do you wish to improve your betting skills? This year we have curated a list of the richest gamblers in the world. These are men who bet on blackjack, horse, racing, poker, craps, baccarat, etc.

These are men who generated their wealth from gambling in as much as they win games in their lives they have also lost before.

this article is dedicated to those who are searching for the richest football gambler in the world, the biggest gambler by country, famous gambler in history, and the world's biggest gambler, etc. Let's look at the list of richest gamblers.

Top 10 Richest Gamblers in the World

1. Bill Benter (Horse and Blackjack):

Bill Benter is the number one in our list net worth $1 billion he was born in Pennsylvania and his gambling career started in Las Vegas.

This man was a Physicist and a Mathematician this knowledge alone helped him in his early days of gambling.

Bill Benter was so good at Blackjack gambling that he won consistently for seven years up to the point where he was banned by a casino company in Las Vegas not to play again.

Fast-forward after the ban he made with Alan Wood and moved over to Hong Kong where he started betting on the horse racing market.

He grew his knowledge of gambling in such a way that when he left Alan Wood he came up with his software that predicted horse racing accurately.

Today Bill Benter is recognized by the world as the richest gambler of all time; he generates over $100 million from gambling per year and an average win of $10 million per day.

2. Edward Thorp (Baccarat, Blackjack):

Edward Thorp is the second on our list net worth $800 million this man was recognized to be an author, a Mathematician, and a blackjack gambler. In 1961 he worked together with Claude Shannon to invent the first wearable computer in history and he became popular for this.

After many years of playing casino games with many successful stories. today, Edward Thorp is one of the richest gamblers in the world and he's featured in top magazines in the world including Wall Street. Wall Street featured Edward Thorp the moment he predicted the market anomalies using his mathematical skills.

Edward Thorp is not just a gambler he is also an investor in one of his books titled “Beat the Market” which was launched in 1967 he gave a detailed explanation of the method and the strategy that he is using to make money on stock.

Furthermore, Edward Thorp was honoured by Blackjack during their Hall of Fame not just that alone this man is a great thinker.

3. Billy Walters (Sports Betting):

Billy Walters is a Sports Betting gambler's net worth of $250 million. Over the years sports betting has been one of the ways to make a profitable income for yourself and Billy Walters is one of the richest gamblers in the world that is making money from sports betting.

He has influenced a lot of people in the US into sports betting. Statistics have shown that more than half of US citizens in one way or another have played sports betting at least once or twice in their lifetime.

Billy Walters started his sports betting when he was 9 years old from the money that he generated from his newspaper path. in his life, Billy Walters has generated over $250 million from sports betting.

His dream of becoming the richest gambler in the world was made possible in his adulthood. He owns an LA-based sports betting company that has generated a million dollars for him.

4. Phil Ivey (Poker):

Phil Ivey is a poker gambler with a net worth of $100 million. He was born in California and made our list of the richest gamblers in the world. He has won $26,250,000 million at a go in a live tournament along with several millions of dollars from poker gaming alone.

As a gambler, Phil Ivey is recognized as a World Poker Tour Champion not just that alone he is also a ten-time World Series of Poker Champion.

However, Phil Ivey is among the top 25 in the WSOP Main Event not just that alone he has also won bracelets in the 2002 edition of the World Series of Poker Champion.

Furthermore, in the year 2009 he defeated 147 players to win his sixth bracelet in the No Limit Draw Low Ball Event and he has also won $1,596,100 at Commerce Casino LA Poker Classic.

5. Chris Ferguson (Poker):

Chris Ferguson is a Poker gambler with a net worth of $80 million unlike other gamblers on our list Chris Ferguson started poker gambling during his childhood and grew with it. This man has played different poker tournaments in his mid-90s and in 1995 he finished his first World Series.

Today, Chris Ferguson is among the richest gamblers in the US and he has won six WSOP bracelets. One of his best performances was in 2000 when he participated in the main event Champion.

6. Doyle Brunson (Poker):

Doyle Brunson is a Poker gambler with a net worth of $75 million he was born in Texas and he has 50 years of experience in the field of poker playing. He is the winner of two WSOP Championships and also ten WSOP bracelets, he is the author of Super/System published in 1979.

7. Howard Lederer (Poker):

Howard Lederer is a Poker gambler with a net worth of $60 million he's one of the best professional poker stars, he's a two-time World Poker Tour winner and also a two-time WSOP bracelets winner.

8. Daniel Negreanu (Poker):

His net worth is $60 million. He grew up in Toronto where he learned how to play poker. Today, Daniel Negreanu is one of the best Poker stars recognized in the whole world.

9. Jonathan Duhamel (Poker):

Jonathan's net worth is $32 million he was born in Canada. In 2010 he won the main event in the edition of the World Series of Poker.

10. Patrik Antonius (Poker):

Patrik's net worth is $25 million over the past years he has won chips and followers many times. He is referred to as the “cold-blooded killer” when it comes to poker tables.

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